Sparling is part of a team that unites more than 15,000 employees working in over 250 locations. We officially merged with Stantec on February 28, 2015. It's an exciting future not only for us, but for you, our trusted clients.

With the advantage of local insights, and a long-term commitment to the people and places we serve, Sparling, Candela and Stantec have the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. We are thrilled to have become part of a company that cares about creating communities as much as we do.

Visit and you'll see first-hand how Stantec designs with community in mind.

Vigor and Vibrancy
When all pursuits align with our shared vision and values. The work reflects that energy. Creating an environment that ignites ideas and kindles curiosity makes Sparling an exciting place to be. We're not shy about our drive to attract clients and team members who are looking for more: Initiative. Fierce focus. Leadership.
Join us for straight talk Ambition
determines what we do. Our
culture shapes how we do it.