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Sparling AV Consultants Teach Seminar on New Federal ADA Regulations

May 21, 2013 - Steve Malone and Nathan Thomas, Audiovisual Consultants for Sparling, are teaching a course for AIA Seattle's Continuing Education Program Series on the new ADA regulations that went into effect March 2012. The session will be held at AIA Seattle's office on Jun 5th from 12pm - 2pm.

Join the experts, Stephen Malone and Nathan Thomas, to learn about:
--What it takes to provide accessible control designs using the new ADA guidelines
--How to calculate the number of wheelchair spaces required in fixed seating areas using the new ADA guidelines
--How to calculate the number of ALS systems needed using the new ADA guidelines
--How to apply the ADA, using the new guidelines, as well as understand the results of non-compliance --Important design considerations

Steve Malone, DMC-D, DMC-E, DMC-T, XTP-E
Audiovisual Consultant
Malone has 18 years of experience designing and implementing large scale audio and video systems including associated control systems for high profile performance and sports venues. His unique background includes management of production, engineering and design services for both touring and installed music, theater and sports from local to international venues.

Nathan Thomas, CTS
Audiovisual Consultant
Thomas has 24 years of design experience as an audio/video design engineer and system operator. He is a degreed electrical engineer, involved in coordinating the architectural, electrical, mechanical, acoustical and network requirements of the audiovisual environment to create highly functional and flexible design solutions.

Class Credits: 1 CEH / 1 HSW
Date: June 5, Program: Noon-1pm, Q&A: 1-2pm
Location: AIA Seattle, 1911 First Ave, Seattle, WA
Cost: $5 members, $40 non members
To register visit: node/7758
Lunch is provided