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Sparling Welcomes New Acoustical Design Talent

November 3, 2014 - Sparling, one of the nation’s top design and consulting firms, recently added Adam Bettcher, Associate AIA, ASA and Kathleen Gray as Acousticians for its Acoustical Consulting Practice. Both Bettcher and Gray are located in Sparling’s Lynnwood office.

Bettcher earned a Master of Science in Architectural Studies-Acoustics, a Master of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at University of Florida. He has four years of experience in architectural acoustics, noise control, testing, and analysis. Before coming to Sparling, he worked for architecture firms, and has an educational background in architecture and urban design. His background also includes research in advanced noise control studies to support his goal of advancing the science of acoustics. Bettcher is currently working on Bainbridge Island Arts Network Visual Arts Facility, Enatai Elementary School, Bellevue, and Watchtower Central Tour Center, Warwick, New York.

Gray recently earned a Master of Arts degree in Audio Sciences at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University. She has a Bachelor of Music degree from Towson University in Maryland. Her expertise includes audio measurements/analysis and architectural acoustics. She brings integrative thinking and a varied background to her projects to help solve challenging acoustical issues for clients. As a musician for over 20 years, she has an acute sense of how sound is made, travels and is heard giving her a special talent for delivering good acoustical design in all building types. Currently, Gray is working on Bainbridge Island Arts Network Visual Arts Facility and two schools for Pacific Charter School Development in Tacoma and Puyallup.