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Information Technology Consulting
Long-Term and Post-Acute health care providers must maintain an up-to-date infrastructure if they want to succeed in the new health care environment. Those looking to improve their current and future business outlook are turning to Information Technology assessments as a cost-effective means of understanding their current IT status, their readiness for future IT expansion, and how they compare to their competitors.

A Sparling IT Assessment provides an objective review of your IT infrastructure as it compares to industry best practices and norms. Our assessment identifies areas of opportunity to cost-effectively improve your business technology. After the assessment is complete we deliver a strategy for leveraging resources to improve financial performance and clinical outcomes. As you know, aging systems are expensive to support and maintain and may not address the current business needs of the organization. Making the investment to modernize your core technology systems makes good financial sense both in the short and long-term.
Value Proposition
The Sparling IT Assessment includes a thorough onsite inspection to evaluate the status your current technology infrastructure. After that we provide a formal documentation of findings, a gap analysis, and informed recommendations from a team of highly experienced personnel who work extensively with healthcare providers.
The Sparling Team
With Sparling, you get a commitment that goes beyond best-in-class information technology support. We’re uniquely qualified to assist our clients with every aspect of their health care business technology needs. Sparling’s technology professionals are certified, credentialed, and committed to providing world-class service. Your satisfaction and success are our top priority.
Our Services
: IT Assessments
: Network/Telecommunications Systems Design
: Unified Communications Platforms
: Security Systems
: Personal Emergency Response Systems
: New Construction Consulting
: Renovation and Re-Modeling Structured Cabling Upgrades
: Healthcare-Grade Wireless Networks
: Audio-Visual Systems design and Specification
: Software Applications Portfolio Assessments/td>
: Hardware Recommendations
: Mobile Device and BYOD Strategies
: Disaster Recovery Consulting
: Three to Five-Year Roadmaps
: Telehealth and Telemedicine Systems Consulting